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God made everything.

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STEAM - STEM plus Art


God created everything

Let's explore


  • Science

  • Technology

  • Engineering

  • Art

  • Math

Science is the study of God's creation. We use the scientific method to understand more about the amazing world God created.

Technology is a world that only this generation has grown up with. Children today learn in a different manner than any other children throughout history. LCA preschool appropriately embraces technological aspects that work well in the preschool classroom.

Preschool 3's and 4's visit the preschool computer lab each week. Hand / eye coordination is a focus for this group of touch screen preschoolers. OSMO is also used in the classroom of Preschool 3's & 4's.  OSMO brings a 3D experience to technology.  Teachers supervise children using the OSMO program.

Engineering has been in the preschool classroom for decades, only the term 'engineering' is now in use.  Lego's, wooden train tracks, blocks and other building items are the foundation for engineering in the hands of preschooler! How high can they stack before it falls over?

Art is introduced in many forms at LCA preschool!  Paint it, shape it, cut it, glue it... these are everyday favorites for preschoolers!  We make the mess at LCA preschool so you don't have to at home!

Math is as easy as cutting an apple in half!  1/2 + 1/2 = 1 whole apple.

LCA preschool teachers bring hand-on math into the classroom every day!  Fractions for 2 year old's is that easy! 3's & 4's take math even further.  Cut an apple into 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4 = 1 whole apple.  1 quarter + 1 quarter + 1 quarter + 1 quarter = 1 dollar.

And just like that, preschoolers are doing fractions!

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